The Rahere Association

Rahere is a charitable association devoted to the welfare of patients and staff at St Bartholomew's Hospital by providing funding and grants.

Examples of grants


After rehousing, a grant was made to enable a seriously ill patient to obtain a bed, fridge/freezer and microwave; this has enabled the patient to return home.

An iPad has been provided to a patient unable to speak following surgery and this has greatly increased his capacity to communicate with his family and the outside world

A grant has been made to a patient for the installation of a walk-in shower to replace a bath.

Grants are routinely made to assist patients with travel costs so that they are able to attend their appointments at the hospital. Assistance can also be provided to help with the cost of travel for family members of inpatients.


A trainee radiographer in the Breast Imaging department has been enabled to finish her training as a result of a grant from the Association.

In the hospital

The fund has provided a grant for the commission of renowned cartoonist, Tom Gauld, to create artwork for the Cystic Fibrosis Units at the Hospital. As patients in this Unit are confined to individual isolation rooms, the artwork is designed to improve the patient experience and has been designed in consultation with patients.

The fund contributed to the costs of publication of a booklet “Graded exercise therapy” – a self help guide for those with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME

The fund has made a grant for the purchase of 2 oncology chairs and 2 blood sampling chairs for the Endocrine ward – patients have to spend long periods of time in the department having tests and these chairs will greatly enhance their comfort.

The fund has provided funds to the Oncology Therapy department for a Respironics Cough Machine ( a coughing machine which assists patients to clear their chests more easily).

The Association funded six concerts held within the hospital.